Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Stocking Stuffers Under $20 for iPhone and iPad Users |  AppleInsider

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Stocking Stuffers Under $20 for iPhone and iPad Users | AppleInsider

Gift ideas for iPhone and iPad

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The holidays are fast approaching, but there’s still time for last-minute gifts. Here are some great freebies under $20 for iPhone and iPad users.

Shoppers from all walks of life, not just the budget conscious, can find the perfect gift for their loved ones here. These gifts are accessories that will certainly be useful for those who have an iPhone or iPad.

These freebies cost $20 or less, from wallets to chargers.

Belkin AirPods Cleaning Kit

For iPhone users with AirPods, Belkin’s new cleaning kit safely removes earwax buildup and restores acoustic performance without damaging it. Designed for first, second and third generation AirPods, but not AirPods Pro, the cleaning kit includes a brush, wax softener, cleaning gel and microfiber cloth.

Our ears constantly produce wax and natural oils as a cleaning mechanism. Some will inevitably accumulate on the headphones, no matter how often we clean our ears.

The kit includes everything needed to bring AirPods back to life in four simple steps. It starts with the application of a wax softener, using a brush to gently scrub the mesh components, then using a tacky gel to remove leftover wax and debris.

The AirPods Cleaning Kit is available for purchase from Belkin for $14.99.

Mixfly Ultra-Compact Charger for Apple Watch

People who have an iPhone or iPad can also have an Apple Watch, and this product is a good choice for a charger. It is compatible with all Apple Watch models and has overvoltage, short circuit and overheating protections.

It has a pocket design that measures 1.57 inches by 1.1 inches by 0.31 inches. Mixfly has a picture of the charger next to a key, so it’s definitely tiny.

Betty Boop AirPods Pro Case

Look no further than this Affinity Bands AirPods case for the Betty Boop lover in your life. Under official license, it protects against shocks and falls with its thickness of 2.75 mm.

It is available in multiple styles using a proprietary process that guarantees the most vibrant colors and images that will never fade. It’s available for purchase through Affinity Bands or through Amazon for $19.99.

Stylus for iPad

Apple users with an iPad need a good stylus for drawing and writing, and this affordable stylus does the trick. It has a 1.5mm diameter nib with a 30 minute auto-shutoff feature when not active so the pen can save its battery.

It supports 10-12 hours of continuous use and only needs two hours to fully charge. Bluetooth is used for pairing and does not require a special app.

The stylus is available for purchase through Amazon for $15.99.

Spigen Anti-Yellow Shell

Spigen offers a transparent case for iPhone 14 with anti-yellowing technology. It’s made of a TPU bumper with a durable PC back, with raised bezels that lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces.

The pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press, and the large cutouts accommodate most cables. It’s currently on sale for $14.99 on Amazon.

HiFan Lanyard for AirPods Pro

Apple included a small loop on the case for the second generation AirPods Pro. Users can attach a lanyard to the case to keep it secure and prevent it from falling or getting lost.

The rope is made of polyester, with strong wear resistance, smooth surface and non-scratch. The clip is made of TPU material with good elasticity, toughness and aging resistance.

It’s available for purchase through Amazon, currently on sale for $5.09.

MagSafe Wallet for iPhone

Many MagSafe wallets only have enough room to store a few cards, but this wallet from HiWe can hold up to six cards. A thumb slot ensures easy access to all the cards stored there.

It’s easy to access any of your cards when you’re ready to pay for your purchases. Using RFID technology, the wallet can protect the cards from scanners and scammers so that no one can steal your credit card number.

The MagSafe wallet is made of leather and is available on Amazon for $19.99.

USB car charger

This car charger offers USB-C power and a USB-A port to charge iPhones and iPads during car journeys. It is capable of fast charging devices using 30W of power.

The charger can protect devices from overheating, overcharging and short circuiting, and it is made of flame retardant material. It is currently available for sale on Amazon at $8.99.

Bluetooth headphones for sleeping

This sleep mask has built-in headphones so people can listen to soothing sounds while they fall asleep. The fabric is stretchy, so you won’t feel the headphones even when you’re pressed against a pillow.

A minimalist line design and soft fabrics provide a better sleep experience that can block out light. The headband is washable and has Bluetooth 5.2. It’s available on Amazon and currently on sale for $14.39.

Case for iPad accessories

This case can hold small iPad accessories such as stylus or regular pen, pen nibs, charging cord and wall adapter. It is made of leather to protect them from scratches, dirt and drops.

A removable magic mesh pouch keeps the pen nibs securely in place. It has a mesh pocket and an elastic strap for the stylus and the charger. It’s available on Amazon for $9.99.

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