Charge your iPhone with these two handy power banks from iWALK

Charge your iPhone with these two handy power banks from iWALK

If your iPhone is getting a bit old, you might have noticed that its battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. This is completely normal for a lithium-ion battery. Over time, battery efficiency decreases very slightly with each battery charge.

I’ve owned an iPhone SE 2020 for just over a year and now its battery has a percentage of only 89%. A full charge of my phone drains quickly. I’ve tried turning off all the power-hungry features, but now I need backup power if I’m away from home for an entire day.

You can find out the battery status of your iPhone by clicking on the Battery section in your iPhone settings. Go to the Battery Health & Charging option and there you will see the maximum capacity of your battery.

If your battery is failing, you can replace it at an Apple Store. Alternatively, you can buy yourself a power bank. These gadgets are ideal for recharging your phone’s battery when you’re away from a power outlet. However, a traditional power supply with a cable connection can be inconvenient. To counter this, iWALK has created a few iPhone power banks that can be used more easily on the go.

The iWALK LinkPod Pro is a compact charger with a Lightning connector that plugs into the bottom of an iPhone and is ideal for keeping a phone’s battery topped up when you’re on the go. With a capacity of 4,800 mAh, the LinkPod Pro is charged enough to charge an iPhone at least once.

Weighing just 90g, the LinkPod Pro is small enough to slip into any bag or pocket. The feature of the LinkPod Pro that I like is its LED display which shows the amount of charge remaining in percentage. It’s easy to check if the LinkPod Pro needs charging before you leave home for the day.

If you want a bit more of a power bank, then iWALK’s PowerGrip Mag is a power bank that has a built-in N50 magnet that can lock onto the back of a MagSafe-enabled iPhone, like a limpet mine. The PowerGrip Mag also features a finger ring that makes it easier to grip your iPhone when the PowerGrip is connected via the MagSafe connection.

With a 6000mAh battery capacity, the iWALK PowerGrip Mag can provide more than one charge for many iPhones. MagSafe is standard on all iPhone models from iPhone 12 and above. If you have an earlier iPhone, the iWALK PowerGrip Mag has a sticky circular metal plate that can be stuck to the back of an iPhone so the PowerGrip can be attached for wireless charging.

Like the LinkPod Pro, the PowerGrip Mag also has a small window with an OLED display showing the battery charge percentage so you can check when it needs to be topped up with more juice.

Verdict: These two handy power banks from iWALK are a convenient alternative to regular power banks that use a cable connector. They both hold at least a full charge, so they’re ideal for a transatlantic flight or a long train journey if there are no power connectors. The iWALK LinkPod Pro is small enough to fit in a bag, while the PowerGrip is handy for attaching to the back of a MagSafe iPhone to ensure it stays powered. Even though they are used in an emergency, these two power banks are handy for staying ready when your iPhone runs out of battery. Both power banks are available in different colors to suit all tastes.

Price and availability: The iWALK LinkPod Pro is available now from Amazon and costs $25.99 / £31.99. The iWALK PowerGrip is also available on Amazon and costs $37.99 / £27.99.

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