Global Mobile Device Shipment Forecast, 2023 and Beyond: Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets

Global Mobile Device Shipment Forecast, 2023 and Beyond: Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets

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DIGITIMES Research expects smartphone shipments to grow 2-9% annually throughout 2023-2027 with a five-year CAGR of 4.8%.


Looking to the next five years, from 2023 to 2027, the influences of COVID-19, the Russian-Ukrainian war, U.S. interest rate hikes, and global inflation will subside year after year. year, while trends of 5G phone upgrades and feature phone users in emerging markets transitioning to low-cost smartphones will continue, allowing the market to resume growth.

After a drop in shipments in 2022, macroeconomic uncertainties will continue to affect laptop demand in 2023 and shipments are expected to show a further slight decline. As the economy recovers in 2024 and intensified competition between processor platforms helps to optimize the cost-performance ratios of laptops, the laptop market may resume moderate growth. From 2025 to 2026, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 and the widespread use of OLED displays will drive laptop upgrades, so laptop shipments will continue to grow, but growth will slow somewhat until 2027.

Although global tablet shipments will decline by more than 9% year-on-year in 2022, shipments for the next five years, 2023-2027, will remain fairly stable with an increase or decrease of around 2% per year. . The tablet market can expect to accept upgrade demand in 2024-2025 with shipments within two years to enjoy an annual increase.


  • Introducing the smart phone

  • Key Factors Affecting Global Smartphone Shipments

  • Supply side

  • demand side

  • Table 1: Key Factors Affecting Global Smartphone Shipments 2023-2027

  • Worldwide shipments

  • Figure 1: Global smartphone shipments, 2022-2027 (million units)

  • Smartphone Shipping Breakdown

  • Chinese and non-Chinese markets

  • Chart 2: Shipments to China and markets outside China, 2021-2023 (m units)

  • Top 7 Suppliers

  • Figure 3: Shipments of the top 7 smartphone vendors, 2022-2023 (in million units)

  • 5G smartphone

  • Chart 4: Shipments of 5G and non-5G smartphones, 2022-2027 (units in m)

  • Chart 5: 5G smartphone shipments in Chinese and non-Chinese markets, 2021-2023 (in million units)

  • Foldable screen smartphone

  • Chart 6: Shipments by foldable display function, 2022-2027 (m units)

  • Global production capacity

  • Table 2: Global smartphone production capacity deployment share, 2022-2027

  • Introducing the notebook

  • Worldwide shipments

  • Figure 7: Global laptop computer shipments, 2021-2027 (million units)

  • Laptop Shipment Breakdown

  • Panel technology

  • Figure 8: Share of shipments by panel technology, 2021-2027

  • Arm architecture

  • Chart 9: Handheld Laptop Shipments by Type, 2021-2025 (k units)

  • Major Factors Affecting Global Laptop Computer Shipments

  • Supply side

  • Table 3: Key Factors Affecting Global Laptop Shipments in 2023 – Supply Side

  • demand side

  • Table 4: Key Factors Affecting Global Laptop Shipments in 2023 – Demand Side

  • Chromebooks

  • Chart 10: Chromebook shipments, 2018-2023 (k units)

  • CPU

  • Figure 11: Share of shipments by CPU, 2018-2023

  • Seller

  • Figure 12: Shipments by main suppliers, 2021-2023 (in millions of units)

  • Presentation of the tablet

  • Worldwide shipments

  • Figure 13: Global tablet shipments, 2020-2027 (million units)

  • Tablet Specifications

  • Table 5: Trends in tablet hardware specifications in 2023

  • Major factors affecting tablet shipments worldwide

  • Supply and demand

  • Table 6: Main factors affecting global tablet shipments in 2023 V Supply and demand

  • Brands

  • Table 7: Main factors affecting global tablet shipments in 2023 V Brands

  • Tablet Shipping Breakdown

  • brand sellers

  • Figure 14: Share of brand shipments by supplier, 2018-2023

  • Cut

  • Chart 15: Share of brand shipments by size, 2021-2023

  • Taiwan ODM

  • Figure 16: Brand shipments by Taiwanese MDGs, 2018-2023 (m units)

  • Samsung

  • Table 8: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets

  • Chinese brands

  • Table 9: Chinese brand tablets and shipments, 2022-2023 (m units)

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