Which PopSocket design should I choose?

Which PopSocket design should I choose?

What is the best PopSocket design?

If you like living on the outskirts, you can use your cell phone without a protective cover or case. For the rest of us, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that our phone shouldn’t be damaged if it slips out of our hands.

However, not all of us have predatory grips and need help dealing with sporadic butterfingers. A great solution for this is PopSocket, a protruding button that provides a better grip on your phone.

What is PopSockets?

Considered “the original phone socket”, PopSocket is a brand and private company founded in 2012 by former philosophy professor David Barnett. Originally designed as an adhesive earphone mount for the iPhone 4, the resulting product was released to be compatible with the iPhone 5 instead.

PopSocket’s main product is the PopGrip, a retractable grip that attaches to your phone via a sticky gel pad. The retractable handle doubles as a built-in kickstand if you want to display content without laying your phone flat on a surface. Several versions, such as a temporary mount and a vehicle vent mount, provide similar functions.

Through word of mouth, social media and press articles, the PopGrip quickly became popular, increasing sales by more than 70,000% between 2015 and 2018. By the end of 2017, the company had seen 35 million phone jacks sold to users in more than 40 countries.

But while PopSocket has become an almost generic name for a phone jack due to its success, it also gives back to the community. The website says it has donated more than $4 million to more than 400 nonprofits, uses 99% recyclable and FSC-certified packaging, and has a no-animal policy for products and testing.

Variety of interesting designs

There’s nothing boring about the wide variety of templates. From neutral colors to something ‘in your face’, there’s guaranteed to be a design that speaks to your personality. Flavors are spread across multiple design categories, and you won’t often find the same design in more than one. Some of the categories include:

  • herbal: These PopGrips are made from 35% plant-based materials such as canola oil, scratch corn and castor beans.
  • solid colors: These are handles with a uniform color, such as the classic and discreet matte black, the clean lines of white or a touch of color with pink.
  • Backspin: This is one of the most interesting categories because it revolves around a spinning top. Some designs incorporate a roulette wheel, an old-fashioned vinyl record, and a circular star pattern.
  • wave pool: These feature a clear top, but inside are glitter floating in clear liquid. Some have gold embellishments, while others mimic snow globes.
  • Lips/Burt’s Bees: Thanks to a collaboration with lip care company Burt’s Bees, these handles feature a top with a hinge to reveal the lip balm inside.

Best PopSocket Designs to Consider

Best PopSocket PopGrip Solid Color Matte Black

PopSocket PopGrip Solid Color Matte Black

If you prefer a classic color that doesn’t draw too much attention, the matte black PopGrip is a great choice. It works just like the other models but is more subtle, especially when attached to a phone case of the same color.

Sold by Amazon

Best Vinyl PopSockets PopGrip Backspin

PopSockets PopGrip Backspin Vinyl

The Backspin line from PopGrips is probably the most interesting, as it features a spinner part. This design should appeal to music lovers, with an old-school vinyl record that spins like a record player.

Sold by Amazon

Best PopSockets PopGrip Neon Lenticular Skull

PopSockets PopGrip Neon Skull Lenticular

The Neon category is all about bright colors and striking designs. This PopGrip is a good example, as it features a neon green skull, stylized to look like a sketch, sitting on a black top and handle.

Sold by Amazon

Best PopSockets PopGrip Abstract Wild Mushrooms

PopSockets PopGrip Abstract Wild Mushrooms

For a whimsical look, this wild mushroom design will put a smile on any nature lover’s face. The top features a variety of hand-drawn mushrooms, inspired by real-life species. The stem and the base of the handle are black.

Sold by Amazon

Best PopSockets PopGrip Herbal Light Jade

PopSockets Plant-Based PopGrip Light Jade

This translucent green PopGrip is part of the vegetable range and is made from various sustainable vegetable materials. The only part that is not (yet) herbal is the base, but it has the same transparent color as the rest of the handle.

Sold by Amazon

Best PopSockets PopGrip Lips Birthday Cake

PopSockets PopGrip Lips Birthday Cake

Thanks to the collaboration with Burt’s Bees, the top of this PopGrip opens, giving you access to the lip balm inside. The top is clear plastic, decorated with several slices of birthday cake. The top is also interchangeable with other PopTops when you fancy something a little different.

Sold by Amazon

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