Amber Luke inspired law student gets eyes tattooed and loses sight (Image via Kennedy News and Amber Luke/Instagram)

What was the thought process?: Internet in disbelief as woman inspired by Amber Luke gets eyeballs tattooed

Law student Ananya Peterson got her eye tattoo after being inspired by Australian model Amber Luke. The Belfast native regretted not listening to her seven-year-old who was worried about the same thing. Netizens have since taken to social media to slam Peterson for her actions as she revealed she went blind after the procedure.

@DailyLoud I have so many questions?? what was the thought process? the tattoo artist just said yeah sure okay?? what was the thought process?

Ananya Peterson was in awe of Amber Luke, an influencer who got her eyeballs tattooed bright blue. Unfortunately, the latter was blind for three weeks but regained her sight. However, Peterson was unlucky as it appears she has lost her sight for good.

In an interview with Kennedy News, Ananya Peterson revealed that she originally decided to get a tattoo of just one eye after thinking that if she ends up going blind, “at least I have the other eye.” Peterson added:

“My daughter told me I didn’t want to do this [the tattoo] ask, ‘What if you go blind?’ She didn’t agree with that at all.

Ananya Peterson is a law student and mother of one (Image via Kennedy News)

@exavierpope It should be turned into a public service announcement like eggs in a pan against drugs. Don’t tattoo your eyes if you want to keep your sight.

@nypost Well shit it’s almost like you ain’t supposed to squirt ink in your eyes who ever thought

@nypost “I cut my legs – now I can’t walk.”

@nypost I would have liked to listen to my 7 year old daughter. Said the law student.

@nypost Wait, getting ink in your eyes didn’t work well?

@exavierpope Yeah. Face tattoos are always a bad idea. Always think of the Chris Rock take (paraphrasing here), “All face tattoos say the same thing – you didn’t get the job!”

@nypost Florida here thinking: Oh thank you, this is Australia for once

@exavierpope The only person I heard of tattooing their eyeballs was a young man in jail on Lock Up. That was enough for me to realize *that* it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Ananya Peterson had swollen eyelids before going blind

The shocking experience of the Amber Luke-inspired law student didn’t have a rocky start. Months after getting her right eye tattooed blue, she has not suffered any complications. She was just suffering from dryness and headaches. In December 2020, she decided to take the plunge and have her left eyeball tattooed in purple.

Unfortunately, in December 2021, things took a turn. The Amber Luke fan woke up one day with swollen eyelids, which she said looked like she had done “five rounds with Mike Tyson”. She continued to check into hospital as the symptoms worsened.

Ananya Peterson revealed in the interview that although she is “on the mend”, she is still “on the verge of going blind”. She added:

“If I could go back in time, I would have made a black [eye tattoo] and left him. I would have made a black. Absolutely.”

The admirer of Amber Luke claimed to be supported by her law school, which provides her with material to facilitate reading. Peterson also seems to be keeping spirits up. She said she told her daughter not to care about other people’s opinions because they are “just regular people like you”.

Amber Luke talks about Ananya Peterson’s eye tattoo experience

The body modification fanatic took to her Instagram account to share that she was “heartbroken” to hear about Peterson’s experience. Amber Luke added that she decided to ink her eyes only for herself and “never” to “influence anyone”.

Luke added that she decided to ink her body to “reinvent” herself into someone she’s proud to be.

The influencer then urged her followers to do their research before doing such procedures.

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