7 Ways to Fix Your iPhone Camera If It's Blurry

7 Ways to Fix Your iPhone Camera If It’s Blurry

  • If your iPhone camera is blurry, be sure to clean the lenses with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • You should also try restarting the Camera app and the phone itself.
  • Don’t pinch to zoom when composing your photos, as this can also lead to blurry photos.

Today, photo taking is vast and ubiquitous as almost everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times thanks to smartphones like the iPhone.

But while modern iPhones are capable of taking great photos, sometimes you may come across situations where your iPhone camera takes blurry images.

Here’s how to troubleshoot your iPhone camera and restore the crisp, high-quality images it was designed to capture.

Clean the lens

It may seem obvious, but most of the time blurry photos are caused by a dirty lens. For best results, wipe the lens with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to carry a microfiber cloth with you for this purpose. Don’t use your fingers or hand, however, nor should you use tissues that have been treated with lotion or fabric softener – the residue will wash onto the lens and make the problem worse.

An iPhone with a microfiber cloth.

If you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, bring a microfiber cloth to keep the lens clean.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Don’t pinch to zoom

If you zoom in too much when composing a photo, you can blur the photo by relying too much on the phone’s digital zoom. Many iPhone models have 2X or even 3X optical zoom. You can safely zoom in and get a crystal clear image. To do this, tap the zoom buttons at the bottom of the camera screen. But if you pinch to zoom, you can end up going far beyond what the optical zoom can handle, leading to blurry photos.

Take a photo with the iPhone's Camera app.

For best results, stick to preset zoom levels and don’t pinch to zoom.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Remove the phone case

Believe it or not, your phone case can interfere with the iPhone camera, especially if the case is made with metal components or magnets. Remove the case and try to take a photo. If the camera works better without the case, consider replacing the case with one with a different design.

Restart the camera app

If the camera is misbehaving due to a software glitch, an easy way to fix the problem is to force quit the Camera app and then restart it. Closing the app can eliminate any bugs or intermittent issues and restore it to a normal working state.

Test the front and rear cameras

If you’re still having trouble with blurry images, it might be worth seeing if the problem occurs on both the front and rear cameras. Take a few test shots with the rear camera, then switch to the front camera and give it a try as well. If your iPhone has a wide angle mode, which uses a different lens on the back of the phone, then you can test that as well as a normal 1x image. If only some of these images are blurry, you’ve narrowed the problem down to a particular camera or lens and may need to contact Apple Support.

Take a photo with the iPhone's Camera app.

Take test photos using the front and rear cameras to narrow down the issue.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Restart your iPhone

When it comes to troubleshooting a blurry camera yourself, there’s one last tip: restart your iPhone. You’ve probably already tried restarting the Camera app, but it’s possible (unlikely, but possible) that restarting the entire phone could fix a more widespread software issue.

Contact Apple Support

Finally, if none of these troubleshooting steps solved the problem with your blurry iPhone camera, you should contact Apple Customer Service. Contact an Apple Store to have the phone appraised by a professional; you may need to have it repaired or replaced.

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