TA executives take note: smartphone job applications are on the rise

TA executives take note: smartphone job applications are on the rise

The power of mobile devices in the recruiting process continues to climb, according to recruiting solutions provider Harver, which found that 60% of applications were submitted on mobile devices this year.

The provider – which counts McDonald’s, Heineken, Chili’s restaurants and Valvoline among its customers – found that mobile applications for jobs have grown by an average of five percentage points each year since 2020, while 49% were carried out on devices. mobiles. Last year, that figure jumped to 55% for mobile app usage. Meanwhile, desktop apps have declined 6% every year since 2020, while tablet recordings have remained flat since the turn of the decade.

What does this mean for HR and talent acquisition managers?

According Olivier Staehelin, director of strategy and development at Harvard, it all comes down to demographics. He says ssmart phones have become increasingly prevalent in the workforce as older generations, many of whom did not have smartphones, retirees and younger generations, many of whom had smartphones, entered the labor market. work. Harver’s research found that 80% of applicants who apply for jobs via mobile devices are under 30 years old.

“As smartphones become a big part of our working lives, the collective workforce expects to be able to do more with them, especially as the remote work culture driven by the pandemic has increased the likelihood of using them for work-related tasks,” says at Staehel.

As a result, candidates are increasingly choosing to apply for jobs and take job-related assessments on their mobile devices, adds at Staehel. “In today’s job market, where the candidate is in the driver’s seat, HR leaders need to recognize the candidate’s agency and the need to meet the candidate on their preferred device,” he says. Talent acquisition will be a key topic at the HR Tech 2023 virtual conference from February 28 to March 2.

Mobile apps designed for potential candidates not only have the potential to provide convenience, but they can also help break down barriers that often exist in modern job application solutions, such as time-consuming and repetitive tasks to download. resumes, contact information and work experience.

“Companies that meet with candidates on mobile devices should expect to see an increase in job applications due to this added convenience, as well as a reduction in time to hire,” he said.

That said, HR and tech support managers need to be prepared for this ever-increasing method of hiring new employees on smartphones. In the coming year, Staehelin suggests that HR managers and recruiters are making employee-centric recruiting a priority. This includes auditing their recruitment and onboarding processes to detect any barriers to candidate entry.

“Are all aspects of your process optimized for mobile? If you don’t, you risk creating unintended friction for candidates and negatively affecting the candidate experience,” he says.. “It’s also important to note that candidates’ device of choice may still be a desktop computer, or a combination of desktop computer and smartphone, depending on the role.”

In addition, Staehelin recommends that HR managers maintain a “human touch” in order to connect with candidates. The employee experience will be at the heart of the 2023 edition Virtual conference on HR technologies from February 28 to March 2.

“By recognizing the candidate agency, companies are more likely to strike the perfect balance between engagement, effectiveness and efficiency in their talent acquisition strategy,” he says, adding that it can “ position itself more as an employer of choice”.

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