React.js developers: how to hire and what skills to look for?  - Web Hosting |  Cloud Computing |  Data Center |  Domain news

React.js developers: how to hire and what skills to look for? – Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Data Center | Domain news

More companies are choosing to hire React.js developers in 2022, and the popularity of this framework will undoubtedly continue to grow. In this article, we’ll help you get the most out of this collaboration.


The New York Times, Airbnb, Netflix, Instagram, and other famous companies have used React.js to develop their digital products and services. Yet the beauty of this library is that newly born startups can also use it.

So what exactly is React.js? It is a library, the open source front-end JavaScript, used to create attractive and dynamic user interfaces for one-page applications. Bringing many benefits to the table, React.js becomes a wiser option over other frameworks like Express, Angular.js, Vue.js, etc.

Developers love React’s ability to create reusable UI components to solve the problem of web pages updating halfway and more, as recent data published by Statista proves.

The main missions

In fact, React.js developers are those who have chosen React.js library as their feature coding tool for interactive websites as well as web and app applications. Together with UI designers, they work to make your website attractive and pleasant to use. Their duty limits are as follows:

  • Creation and improvement of JS, CSS and HTML components.
  • Impressive user interface.
  • Improved app loading speed.
  • Created great UI code.
  • Advanced code through CSS processors.
  • The application quality assurance process.
  • Creating asynchronous API calls.

Occupational Standards, Ranks and Requirements

Naturally, different ranks have different levels of responsibility and expertise. The tasks of junior, intermediate, and senior React.js developers vary. Let’s see how exactly.

  • A Junior React Programmer work experience starts from one year, and they manage simple tasks under the supervision of someone more mature. Basic English is also included.
  • Regarding the Medium Reaction Experts, in addition to improving what already exists, they are already engaged in projects from scratch and they have two years of React practice. Middle rank assumes knowledge of JavaScript (ES6), Redux, etc. They must understand programming paradigms and front-end frameworks. Also, be fluent in English.
  • Senior React Developers are project managers who have been in this field for more than five years and have excellent English skills. The highest degree of expertise is also associated with familiarity with frameworks like Vue or Express.js.

When interviewing your candidates, focus on at least two years of experience in the React.js world and the ability to keep up with the latest trends. Look at their portfolio, talk about coding concepts in general, check if they can create simple code using React tools, etc.

The skills needed

The goal-oriented approach is most important in every project, so the list of React developer capabilities stems from that.

  1. Technical competence. Expertise in vital React.js concepts.
  2. js worker process. They should know how to optimize app speed and more.
  3. Test frames. Feel comfortable with Tape, Sinon, Chai, etc.
  4. Universal programmers able to cope with various tasks.
  5. Knowledge of version control systems.
  6. EcmaScript and JavaScript.
  7. JavaScript authoring tools.
  8. CSS frameworks for styling React components.
  9. Planning and meeting deadlines.
  10. Community support.

Which Companies Hire React.js Developers?

React.js allows start-up to optimize development processes by saving time and money. In the case of Medium Enterprises, React.js is a great way to quickly build a solid application without having to worry about platform reliability and security, since it’s Facebook. Regarding the huge companies, they also choose this library for its many advantages, of which we have already mentioned a few names. Now consider the advantages of React.

Main advantages of React.js

Image 1. Main advantages of React.js.

Besides being an open source tool, React.js is valuable for its reusable components, robust security, documentation, and support. The library works for iOS and Android apps. It allows for faster debugging and rendering and is great for SEOs. React’s friendly community makes it easy to learn and use.

Whether it is a social application, an e-commerce application or a cross-platform application, React.js is an extremely flexible technology for various projects.

Where to look for dedicated React.js developers?

Social media, freelance platforms, partner referrals, in-house hiring, job boards, and outsourcing are popular options for hiring React.js developers. Yet, with the growing demand for professionals, more and more companies are opting for offshore locations like Ukraine, which has proven to be an excellent option for quality and profitability.

For example, the $10,000 monthly cost of a React developer in the United States contrasts with the Ukrainian $3,000-5,000 for the same high-quality work.

All in all, choosing the right React development services company with all the basic skills can be difficult. If you are considering a dedicated remote development team in Ukraine, you can find many reputable vendors there, such as ELITEX. Experienced JavaScript and React experts will help you find those whose skills will be a perfect fit for your project. You are also welcome to find more information about developing apps with React.js and other JavaScript frameworks on the blog. Take care of yourself!

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