Building with the right foundations when transitioning to the cloud

Building with the right foundations when transitioning to the cloud

Governments around the world are accelerating their transition to cloud computing, reaping benefits such as lower capital cost, greater flexibility, and the ability to scale to meet growing demand as needed. .

It’s the same story in New Zealand, where today cloud computing systems underpin nearly every essential government service, spanning everything from national ministries such as education, police, corrections , to the actions of your local council to keep the city running. But as with many activities, the secret is not in the “what” of cloud computing, but rather in the “how” it is done. And that’s where specialty vendors like Leaven come in.

Leaven is a division of Spark, specializing in taking “public cloud services” – which are created and offered by global providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) – and adapting them to the requirements of our local government.

“Public cloud” refers to on-demand computing services and infrastructure that are managed by a third-party provider such as AWS. Leaven manages a range of public cloud services for many organizations, including those in the public sector. In April, research firm Gartner said New Zealand’s cloud spending is expected to grow by 26% through 2022, to a total of NZ$4.15 billion. At the same time, the Government Cloud Program offers a “cloud first” policy promoting the use of cloud services by the public service, which it says will help advance the digital agenda and the digital economy of Nova Scotia. Zeeland.

Indeed, more and more New Zealand organizations, including government, education and healthcare, are realizing the potential of cloud technologies to drive growth and build resilience through cost savings and efficiency. operational, workplace flexibility, sustainability and driving innovation.

Where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, is through organizations like Leaven. Approved by vendors like AWS on the one hand, and government on the other, Leaven has demonstrated an understanding of all organizational, regulatory, and security requirements. This enables it to implement tailored solutions that realize the promised cost-saving benefits of the cloud through economies of scale, workforce mobility, improved collaboration, and more. great flexibility.

More and more New Zealand organizations are realizing the potential of cloud technologies.


More and more New Zealand organizations are realizing the potential of cloud technologies.

Government organizations, in particular, seek expertise to help them reduce risk by minimizing the cost of change and the impact on their organization. They need a technology partner who can provide a secure, flexible and robust solution that can also be optimized to meet any ongoing requirements.

A great example of the work Leaven is doing in the public sector can be found in the AWS deployment he managed for food standards organization AsureQuality. The government-owned entity tested the waters with AWS before IT manager Lynn Cooper stepped on the brakes.

She had recognized her team’s lack of cloud skills and the importance of working on a solid foundation for the next chapter of AsureQuality’s transformation, and instead hired Leaven to lead the planning and migration.

“It’s easy to get into trouble in the cloud – that’s why we partnered with Leaven,” says Cooper.

“They had the right kind of skills and experience to take our team on the journey. And if we didn’t, then [look for expert assistance] we would have ended up in a world of suffering.”

Applying his expertise, Leaven navigated safely through AsureQuality’s AWS migration, providing a secure and compliant core infrastructure and application deployment practice. This process has safeguarded crucial data while improving accessibility with growers, farmers, growers and other stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

With the migration still underway, AsureQuality is developing a firm view of the benefits of running most of its enterprise systems in the AWS Cloud, realizing the benefits of scale, manageability, and responsiveness to the growth.

“We are an ambitious organization with a high rate of technological change,” notes Cooper. “It requires us to bring large pieces of infrastructure up and down on a regular basis. Public cloud platforms are the perfect environment for this, providing a modern platform for growth.”

The bottom line? AsureQuality’s cloud journey clearly shows that the road to cloud success is best traveled with an experienced guide like Leaven.

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