AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Omics

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Omics

At re:Invent, AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Omics, a managed service for storing, analyzing, and building genomics, transcriptomics, and other omics data. The service is designed for healthcare and life science organizations to improve patient care and advance scientific research.

Amazon Omics provides scalable workflows and built-in tools for omics data preparation and analysis, and automatically provisions and scales the underlying cloud infrastructure. It has three main components:

  • Omics-optimized object storage enables users to efficiently store and share petabytes of omics data. They can create data stores, import sample data into the Omics console, and perform the same work in the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).
  • Managed compute for bioinformatics workflows that allow users to run the exact analysis they specify without worrying about provisioning the underlying infrastructure. They can use workflow languages ​​such as Workflow Description Language (WDL) and Nextflow, domain-specific languages ​​that specify multiple computational tasks and their input and output dependencies.
  • Data stores optimized for population-level variant analysis. Users can opt for a variant store that supports both Variant Calling Format (VCF) files where there is a called variant and gVCF entries with records covering each position in a genome or annotation store that supports either a generic feature format (GFF3), tab-separated values ​​(TSV), or VCF file.


Channy Yunone of AWS’ leading developer advocates, concludes after reviewing the three components of Amazon Omics in an AWS News blog post:

As you’ve seen, Amazon Omics gives you a managed service with just a few clicks and simple commands and APIs to analyze large-scale omics data, such as human genome samples, so you can derive meaningful insights from this data in hours rather than weeks.

Additionally, Yun said that when it comes to data security, Amazon Omics helps ensure that data remains secure and patient privacy is protected with customer-managed encryption keys and HIPAA eligibility.

Sam CharringtonFounder and Principal Analyst at CloudPulse Strategies, tweeted:

POV: same game as Security Lake. Specialized storage semantics, analytics, ML and integrations. We will see more like this. @awscloud #reinvent

In addition, Enrico Signorettihead of research product strategy at GigaOm, tweeted:

A few years ago, it was all about compute, networks and basic infrastructure services. Now everything is built around data and specialized analytics frameworks (storage, analytics, AI, etc.). Amazon Omics is the good example of this trend. #aws #reinvent

And finally, Holger Müllerprincipal analyst and vice president of Constellation Research Inc., told InfoQ:

Healthcare accounts for an increasing share of the GDP of every country in the world, so technology vendors are paying more and more attention to the industry and offering deals. And the cloud, AI and Bigdata can transform healthcare for better patient outcomes and more engaged healthcare professionals. Today, it’s AWS’s turn, to offer a platform for enterprises and partners/ISVs to build their only “omics” solution on top of the AWS Omics platform.

Amazon Omics is currently available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (London) AWS Regions.

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