21 Times Dylan O'Brien Proved He's Still The Internet's Boyfriend In 2022

21 Times Dylan O’Brien Proved He’s Still The Internet’s Boyfriend In 2022

You know Dylan O’Brien: Teen Wolf former student, maze runner resident internet star and boyfriend.

From new movies to adorable interviews, 2022 has been a big year for Dylan! So, without further ado, here are 21 Dylan moments that made us fall even more in love this year:


First, when he kicked off 2022 in the most ~Dylan~ way possible:

@dylanobrien/Twitter/Via Twitter: @dylanobrien


When it has (properly) roasted Morbius even before its release:

I heard it’s super good, so they have to keep pushing it back because we’re not able to handle it yet, because it’s so good, we need more time to evolve into as a species in order to be better prepared to handle a movie this good https://t.co/fYfamkNQrX

@dylanobrien / Twitter / Sony Pictures Release / Marvel Entertainment / Courtesy of Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @dylanobrien


When he had the cutest response to being crowned the Internet’s Boyfriend:


When he talked about donning his gorgeous Chicago costume from 1956 in The clothe:

Here are some pictures of the costume in question, as a treat:


When he made the difficult choice not to return as Stiles for the next one Teen Wolf film, and explained his decision perfectly:


When he and Zoey Deutch (with whom he co-starred in The clothe and Not good with) passed BuzzFeed’s co-star test, and she told us how he brought an entire SUITCASE full of coffee with him while filming in London:


When he was damn handsome 👌 at Vanity Fair and Lancôme Celebrate the Future of Hollywood:


When he screwed up the internet with just two words…:

@dylanobrien/Twitter/Via Twitter: @dylanobrien

…which spawned so many of those iconic “bitch era” tweets:

“bitch era” I say, after coming straight home every day after work just so I could play my video games in peace

@itzsarialue/Twitter/Via Twitter: @itzsarialue

Thanks for starting the movement, Dylan 🫡.


When he confirmed Doja Cat’s interpretation of maze runner:

@DojaCat / @dylanobrien / Twitter


When he looked so good at the Not good first:


When he had the most ravishing smile:


When he was so, so excited to see Zoey Deutch:


When he played Colin in Not good and made us all lose our heads:


When he turned heads Body Body Body first:


When he revealed the secret to his hair growing so fast:


When he said “👁️👄👁️”:


When he proved he really was a fashionista at the MTV Video Music Awards:


When he was a huge Swiftie like us:

Dylan Rhodes O’Brien, I love you!!!

The year is almost over and we look to 2022. Find out more about the year here!

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