emtelligent Launches New Apps Including AI Match Reports at RSNA 2022

emtelligent Launches New Apps Including AI Match Reports at RSNA 2022

December 2, 2022 — emtelligent, a leader in the development of clinical-grade natural language processing (NLP) software for healthcare organizations, today announced the continued expansion of its emtelliSuite™ family of applications to the eve RSNA 2022, the Radiological Society of North America’s annual global forum is being held November 27-December 1 in Chicago.

The emtelliSuite collection of apps is designed to improve patient safety and quality of care by unlocking hard-to-reach medical data. emtelliSuite is powered by emtelligent’s emtelliPro® NLP engine, a proprietary, purpose-built, enterprise-wide platform that enables actionable clinical insights from unstructured medical text.

RSNA 2022 attendees will be able to try out the emtelliPro and emtelliSuite apps at emtelligent’s booth 4449 in the South Exhibit Hall at McCormick Place.

emtelliSuite apps and the emtelliPro medical NLP platform improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare providers, researchers and administrators. In addition to its existing applications including smart search, report reading, patient summary tools, some of the radiology-specific applications now included in emtelliSuite are:

AI Match – Classifies reports from radiologists as positive or negative for specific pathologies, for comparison with image analysis AI model output to quantify and track the accuracy of AI models over time time

Case Checker – Identifies case results as positive or negative for their reported indication, to track referring physician accuracy to help implement decision support and ensure high quality care

Critical Findings Auditor – Identify cases by diagnosis where the radiologist did not include a critical findings reporting statement to ensure adherence to department guidelines

Follow-Up Detector – Automatically flag actionable recommendations or incidental findings from radiology reports to ensure timely adherence and follow-up

Indication Auditor – Find reports with low quality indications for evidence to provide feedback to referring clinicians to improve quality of care

MRI Screener – Find patients with medical devices or other conditions that may be ineligible for MRI procedures before they arrive at the MRI room to avoid unfilled time slots and ensure improved rates. high equipment utilization

Trainee Dashboard – Automatically tracks the number of actual diagnoses (rather than just exam counts) seen or taken by a trainee to 1) improve academic achievement and 2) ensure knowledge “blind spots” are avoided.

AI Match Reports

As vendors are now widely selling AI models with promises of high accuracy, hospitals, clinics, and AI vendors are discovering the need to track the performance of AI models. Differences in imaging equipment, imaging protocols, and patient factors can mean a significant discrepancy between advertised and actual performance of AI models. Tracking the performance of these models in production environments is important to ensure value and patient safety.

emtelliPro can automatically classify reports from radiologists as positive or negative for specific pathologies, and these results can be compared to the output of the AI ​​model to produce concordance reports. These can be run regularly or on-demand to accurately assess the performance of the AI ​​model in the real-world hospital or clinic environment while helping to ensure that patients receive the care they need. need and by creating added value for the medical imaging service.

“Radiologists struggling with high workloads and limited resources need help finding relevant clinical information quickly for their patients,” said Dr. Tim O’Connell, Smart CEO and Co-Founder and Practicing Radiologist in Colombia -British. “emtelliPro and emtelliSuite give them the technological tools to improve patient safety and quality of care. We’re excited for RSNA attendees to try out our solutions at the show.

For more information: www.emtelligent.com

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