Lensa app: How to use the image generator to take AI selfies |  Digital trends

Lensa app: How to use the image generator to take AI selfies | Digital trends

Artificial intelligence is a term thrown around a plot in the tech space, and while it’s not always the easiest thing to understand, it can have some pretty fascinating uses, such as AI image generators with apps like Lensa.

Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app with a wide range of tools, allowing users to remove objects from photos, remove blemishes from selfies, and more. Lensa’s best and most popular feature, however, is its AI selfie maker. With just a few taps, the Lensa app uses AI to generate images of you – with often-searching results really Impressive.

Interested in using Lensa to generate your own AI selfies? Here’s how to start.

The Lensa AI app on an iPhone.

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How to use Lensa to generate AI selfies

First, you will need to download the Lensa app on your smartphone. It’s available for Android and iOS, so whether you have a Google Pixel 7 or an iPhone 14, you can have the same fun. Once you have the app, that’s where the real fun begins.

Step 1: Open the Lensa app on your phone.

2nd step: Press the Next on the following pages to see how the Lensa app works.

Step 3: When browsing these pages, press Begin.

Step 4: To use Lensa’s AI selfie maker, you will need to subscribe to its paid subscription. Fortunately, a free trial is available. Tap the toggle next to Not sure yet? Activate free trial.

Step 5: Press yellow Try for free and subscribe button.

Step 6: After completing your subscription/free trial, press the yellow Try now button.

Step 7: Faucet Continue.

Step 8: Read Lensa photo instructions, tap the checkbox next to I accept the terms of use, the privacy policythen press Select 10 to 20 photos.

Step 9: Find and select 10-20 selfies of yourself.

Step 10: Wait for Lensa to import your photos.

Step 11: Select your gender.

Step 12: Choose the number of AI avatars you want to buy. If you signed up for the free subscription/trial, the prices are as follows: $1.99 for 50 avatars, $2.99 ​​for 100 avatars, and $3.99 for 200 avatars.

Step 13: After choosing the number of avatars you want, press the To buy button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 14: Wait for the Lensa app to upload your photos.

Step 15: After uploading your photos, the Lensa app needs time to generate your AI selfie images. The Lensa app shows the remaining time in the middle of the screen. You can leave the app open there or tap on one of the two options at the bottom – Notify me when done Where Hide this screen.

Step 16: When your AI selfie avatars are complete, open the Lensa app again and tap the smiley face icon in the upper left corner.

Step 17: Tap your avatar pack.

Step 18: Have fun browsing all the AI ​​selfies Lensa has generated for you! AI selfie pictures are organized into different categories including Superhero, Mystical, Sci-fi, etc.

Step 19: Faucet Save all avatars in the upper right corner to save all AI selfies to your phone. You can also tap any photo and then the Save to Photos button to record a single AI selfie.

This is how you use the Lensa app to create AI-generated selfies! While it’s annoying that the app isn’t free, the AI ​​technology behind Lensa is truly impressive – and worth the price of admission if you’re interested.

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