Vultr Reduces Bandwidth Price and Introduces Global Pooling

Vultr Reduces Bandwidth Price and Introduces Global Pooling

Simple and predictable bandwidth pricing model aims to help enterprises and developers cost-effectively scale global cloud workloads

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, November 30, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vult®a leading independent cloud infrastructure provider, today announced bandwidth pricing changes designed to reduce the cost and complexity of scaling global cloud workloads.

Starting January 1, 2023, Vultr will provide simple and consistent global bandwidth pricing across all of its 27 cloud data centers. Every Vultr customer will now receive two terabytes (2TB) of free monthly outbound data transfer in addition to the transfer already included with their cloud instances. Vultr will now also provide free data entry and global account-level bandwidth pooling across all instances and locations. Users will also benefit from a one-time reduced global egress overage rate of just $0.01 per GB.

Combined with Vultr’s existing flat-rate pricing for Cloud Compute, Cloud GPU, Bare Metal, Cloud Storage, and Managed Cloud Native Services, Vultr’s new global bandwidth pricing significantly reduces the complexity and uncertainty of traditional cloud computing pricing. This simplified and predictable model will help eliminate unexpected overage fees and provide superior value for businesses and developers worldwide.

As organizations seek to accelerate digital innovation, cloud computing platforms promise an easier, faster, and less expensive way to expand the global delivery and availability of new digital products and services. However, complex pricing models make it difficult for teams tasked with designing new systems and providing infrastructure to forecast costs, align budgets, and avoid unexpected charges that negatively impact margins and investment plans. computer science.

As a leading independent cloud computing platform, Vultr radically simplifies cloud operations to deliver the best price/performance ratio with transparent and predictable pricing. Vultr’s platform eliminates global price differentials with a single, flat rate for cloud instances across nearly all of its 27 global cloud data centers. With its new bandwidth pricing model, Vultr further reduces pricing complexity and monthly billing surprises. Customers now receive a generous monthly allowance of free bandwidth, the ability to pool bandwidth across multiple geographic locations, no entry fees, and a single, low-cost bandwidth overage rate worldwide.

“Hyperscalers combine high bandwidth pricing with unpredictable bandwidth overage charges, often resulting in unwanted billing surprises for cloud computing users,” said JJ Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company. , Constant. “Vultr is on a mission to provide businesses and developers around the world with unparalleled ease of use, value for money, and global reach. At a time when many cloud providers have chosen to raise prices, we’re proud to lower bandwidth prices and help our customers accomplish more than ever.”

Vultr’s new bandwidth pricing will take effect on January 1, 2023. For more information on the new pricing plan, please read today’s Vultr blog post or visit

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